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Naturalist Verde

An Exclusive Life in Kemerburgaz...

Thanks to Naturalist Verde, which makes the most of all the advantages of being right next to the forest in Kemerburgaz, it is now possible to hear bird songs instead of traffic noise, breathe oxygen instead of exhaust fumes, and, in short, to live life to the fullest.


Acre Plot of Land



Exclusive Living

Naturalist Verde is a living concept based on simplicity, consisting of 75 apartments in various sizes, ranging from 1+1 to 4+1. A project that seamlessly blends with the natural beauty of its surroundings, designed using the highest levels of technology and architecture, and successfully placing both humans and nature at its core.

Mika Şahbazoğlu Partnership embarked on a journey with the idea of making everyone living in Naturalist Verde feel like they have achieved their dream home. To achieve this, they designed a project with numerous privileges, eco-friendly features, and many details that provide comfort in everyday life, allowing you to live for many years without any issues and happily.

Thanks to Naturalist Verde, which efficiently utilizes all the benefits of being right next to the forest, it is now possible to hear the sounds of birds instead of traffic noise, breathe oxygen instead of exhaust fumes, in short, to live life to the fullest.

Designed with the goal of blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings, Naturalist Verde features not only a unique landscape but also joyful gardens. Seasonal flowers in bloom, the greenery that surrounds the walking paths – all are an integral part of the meticulously designed landscaping.

Naturalist Verde completely alleviates concerns related to earthquakes thanks to its structural system designed in accordance with the latest earthquake regulations and its low-rise architecture.

Naturalist Verde, built with the dream of providing a safe project with a high level of comfort for a limited number of families, offers round-the-clock security. With features like 24-hour security, closed-circuit camera systems, controlled access, and fire detection and warning systems, you are safe 24/7.

Naturalist Verde, prioritizing comfort, has thought of several details, including private covered parking for two vehicles per apartment, net ceiling heights exceeding 3 meters, extra parking spaces for motorcycles and bicycles, charging units for electric vehicles, heated vehicle entrance ramps, underfloor heating system in all apartments, water purification system, and a generator that powers all apartments along with common areas, as well as a private storage area for each apartment on the parking floor. These are just a few of the considered details in Naturalist Verde.

(*1+1 apartments have one covered parking space.)

The rainwater collected in the cistern is used for watering the green areas. Low-consumption water and lighting fixtures are preferred to reduce water and electricity consumption. In short, a nature-friendly life begins at Naturalist Verde.


Social Life at Naturalist Verde

The social areas created for apartment residents at Naturalist Verde are an important privilege that will make your life comfortable. The recreation area, which is part of these social areas and spans approximately 1 acre of open space, includes various sections such as an outdoor swimming pool, children's play area, barbecue area, and gazebos. Facilities such as a gym, event space, lounge, and game area, which you can enjoy every day of the year, are provided for the use of apartment residents. This way, you can easily maintain your healthy lifestyle habits and expand your socialization options.


An Exclusive Life

After the hustle and bustle of daily life, coming home to a peaceful and fulfilling place is truly valuable.


What's Nearby?

You can explore the nearby schools, hospitals, and shopping centers around the Naturalist Verde project, located in the most prestigious location of Kemerburgaz.

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  • Istanbul University Hasdal City Hospital
  • Eyüpsultan State Hospital Kemerburgaz District Polyclinic
  • Private Göktürk Polyclinic
  • Göktürk Florence Nightingale Medical Center
  • Taş Hospital
  • Eyüpsultan Göktürk Family Health Center
  • "Göktürk Yalın Oral and Dental Health Center"
  • "Private Cosmodent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic"
  • Göktürk Yalın Oral and Dental Health Center
  • Dişçim İstanbul Dental Clinics
  • Private Kemerburgaz Doğa College
  • Kemerburgaz Okyanus College
  • Kemerburgaz Halis Kutmangil Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School
  • ODTÜ Development Foundation Schools Private Kemerburgaz Science School
  • Private Kemerburgaz Uğur Anatolian High School
  • Ragıp Kutmangil Primary School Kemerburgaz
  • Şehit Er Sinan Şen Middle School
  • Hisar Schools
  • Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions
  • Doğa College Göktürk Campus
  • Biltes College Göktürk Campus
  • Göktürk Bahçeşehir College
  • BAU Future Campus
  • Göktürk Turgut Özal Middle School
  • Göktürk Final Schools
  • Açı Preschool Kemerburgaz
  • Ilkgün Kindergarden
  • Mesa Studio Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Arcadium Life Shopping Mall
  • Sinasos Shopping Mall
  • Larus Palas Göktürk
  • Neo Çarşı
  • Kanyon
  • Vadistanbul Mall
  • Axis Mall
  • Bauhaus
  • Skyland HOM Mall
  • Manga Sushi
  • Eleos Fish
  • Le pain quotidien
  • Numm numm
  • Yasemin Tuncel
  • Noisette
  • Pizzacio
  • Pizza alto
  • Günaydın
  • Delicious
  • Kujna Restaurant
  • Salash Black Sea Kitchen
  • Hill Garden
  • SushiCo
  • BigChefs
  • Starbucks
  • Kemer Country Club Bistro Restaurant
  • Chef Erdal Adana Kebap
  • Master Chef Steak House
  • La Cucina Vincotto
  • Westside Cafe & Bistro
  • Lokanta Göktürk
  • La Mensa Restaurant
  • Lokanta 18
  • Pera 1874
  • Namlı Gurme
  • Credo Ristorante İtaliano

Naturalist Verde

Mithatpaşa Mah.
Kemerburgaz-Eyüpsultan / İstanbul

Naturalist Verde

Mithatpaşa Mah. Bartu Sok. No: 33 Kemerburgaz-Eyüpsultan / İstanbul


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